Ceramic Dental Implants


The latest addition to dental implant therapy is Ceramic Dental Implants. These dental implants are made from ceramic that have been used in orthopedic medicine with success for many years. The success of Ceramin dental implants in dentistry have also been well documented. The most common ceramic dental implant is made from a special ceramic, Zirconium oxide (ZO2) that is used in the spaceships because of its high resistance to fracture and heat. The FDA approved the ceramic dental implants a few years ago for use in US.

The white color of Zirconium substitutes the metallic grey appearance of Titanium. Ceramic implants and crowns retains less plaque and calculus than Titanium, therefore the gum appears healthier with a more natural pinkish look.

Along with these advantages , the Zirconium dental implant has all the biological qualities of choice for dental implantation and restoration of your dentition. Zirconium is an inert material with very low allergic potential The flexural strength of the Zirconia dental implant is close to 1200 Mpa and integrated well in your body. The success rate is high, however, the titanium dental implants have a higher success than Zirconium dental implants. These have been confirmed in studies in Europe and USA .

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